The Double Life of Becky Conner

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The Conner household on Roseanne was known for its working-class struggles and sharp wit, but one element of the show became a running gag in itself: Becky Conner, played by two different actresses. Fans of the show might remember the confusion (or amusement) of seeing a different Becky walk into the kitchen mid-series. Let’s untangle the story of the two actresses who brought Becky to life.

Lecy Goranson: The Original Becky Conner (1988-1992, Part of Season 5)

Lecy Goranson first brought Becky Conner to life in the show’s debut season. She played the witty and often exasperated middle child for the first five seasons. However, Goranson, then a young actress, decided to pursue her education at Vassar College. While she made some guest appearances during this time, her college commitments meant Becky’s role on the show became significantly reduced.

Sarah Chalke: The New Becky Conner Steps In (Season 6 & 7)

With Goranson’s limited availability, the show needed a new actress to fill Becky’s shoes. Enter Sarah Chalke, who took on the role for seasons six and seven. Chalke brought a new energy to the character, with a slightly different comedic timing than Goranson.

The Return of the Original Becky (Season 8 & The Conners)

After Roseanne ended in 1997, both Goranson and Chalke went on to successful careers. Goranson continued acting in film and television, while Chalke became a household name with her role as Elliot in “Scrubs.” However, when the Roseanne revival, “The Conners,” premiered in 2018, it was Goranson who returned to the role of Becky.

The Becky Recasting: A Sitcom Running Gag

The show’s producers cleverly addressed the change in actresses through humor. In the season six premiere, Roseanne literally introduces the new Becky to the family, stating, “This is Becky. Again.” The show even had a special intro sequence featuring both Gornason and Chalke for a while.

The double Becky situation became a memorable part of Roseanne’s legacy, proving that even a cast change can be woven into the show’s comedic fabric.

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