16 Alternatives to Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a tremendously popular card game that became a global sensation after debuting on the social fundraising website Kickstarter. Cards Against Humanity is a fun game, and people either adore the game or despise it altogether. It is one of those games where you must keep an open mind and be prepared to be offended. If you are easily offended, you should probably skip the game entirely.

However, fans of the game do find it can get a little repetitive after a few games with different people. There is only so many times you can laugh at ‘Blood Farts’ before it gets old.

The beauty of Cards Against Humanity is that it has opened the doors for many other card games that can be just as fun to play. So, have you been missing out on some fun and laughter with your friends since the release of Cards Against Humanity? Well, never fear, because I’ve got some recommendations for some great alternatives to the popular game. Whether you’re looking for something a little more risqué or just want to play a traditional game of cards, these are sure to provide plenty of entertainment. So, throw on some music, crack out a drink, and throw one of these games on the table and get rowdy!

Crabs Adjust Humidity

image e1674336662366

Love Cards Against Humanity, but find yourself playing the same cards over and over again even with the official expansions? Crabs Adjust Humidity is a terrible little third-party, unofficial, illegal expansion card set that mixes in with the original game and provides 112 morally dubious new cards to play. If you don’t have the original game, don’t buy this: it’s useless without it.

Open Wide Grandma

You have probably seen those games where you shove a mouth guard thing in to your mouth and everyone has to guess what you are saying. Open Wide Grandma! takes that game to a new, disgusting level.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens was created after one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history. From the warped mind of Matthew Inman, the guys behind The Oatmeal. (you should check out his site). Matthew wasn’t alone when building this game, but those of you familiar with his art work will instantly recognize he art across these cards. The game itself is pretty simple, consider it a kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. Players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of the game. Simple.

Be sure to check the NSFW version too. If you want, you can combine both decks into one.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

drunk stoned or stupid e1674337391190

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid is simple. Almost too simple. Invite you friends over, draw cards. Each round a card is drawn and the group decides who in the group would be most likely to…


First person to 7 cards is the winner. Or the loser. Probably the loser.

Bad People

Bad People

Bad People is bad. This game can be the creator of issues with your friendship group. Basically, the dealer flips a card and everyone votes who they think best matches the card. If your suggestion matches the dealer suggestion, then you win. The problem is with the cards. For example, the dealer may draw a card about who would be the cheapest prostitute. My partner got quite upset by this when a friend selected her. She thought I would make less money as a hooker. I was disgusted by that comment. I would make SO much money as a prostitute.


image 8

Mobscenity is another card game that was successful on Kickstarter. And, like most of these games, it is pretty simple to play. Every round, the current master plays two cards with innocent words (like donkey, clam, crack, punch, chocolate, banana, beaver, cream, spank, blood, swallow, angry, milk, spread, fist, etc.) from their hand and creates a phrase, like “The Angry Beaver” or “The Thrashing Dragon.” The other players then write a definition of the phrase and use it in a sentence. The master picks their favorite and the winning player gets a point.

I think you probably have an idea on what you can expect with the rest of this article, so to make this quick and painless for you, here is the rest of this collection. I’m sure you will find something to replace your Cards Against Humanity game when friends come over!

Go Fish Yourself

image 9

A wickedly fun, mature version of Go Fish for those who enjoy a challenge and destroying their buddies. Go Fish Yourself forces opposing players to make pairs instead of hoarding dull cards. Each pair comes with a crazy set of regulations. Players are eliminated if they do not respect the rules. As the pairings accumulate, so do the pranks, forcing players to get creative in order to stay in the game. 54 cards filled with bizarre challenges, fishy puns, and nautical gibberish. Ideal for board game nights or drinking games. For even more fun, combine with the Fishy and Naughty expansion packs!

The Voting Game

image 10

Have you ever been so close to your in-laws that you felt obliged on principle to introduce excruciating tension into the relationship?! The Voting Game, with questions like “who has hooked up with the most individuals in a 24 hour period?” and “who is the most ashamed of their porn search history?” provides exactly what you need. After 20 minutes, you can cut the tension with a knife! This game comes highly recommended by me. The entire family is divorcing!!!!

Never Have I Ever

image 11

Have you ever laughed and wondered, “Why did I DO that?” You have, of course! Have you ever wished you could be compensated for your most irrational decisions? Well, here’s your chance! Never Have I Ever is the best party game for laughing with your pals about your wacky lives. Simply deal the cards, answer the questions, and laugh at your buddies who are as amusing as you are!

We Didn’t Play Test This At All

image 12

The best-named game ever. The goal of this extraordinarily crazy and wonderful game is to win. That is all. Unfortunately, all of your opponents have the same simple goal: to defeat you. There are various dangers to avoid, such as rock paper scissors conflicts, getting eaten by a random dragon, or being saved by a kitty ambush. Games last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes (if played slowly) and are designed to be as entertaining as possible. Any number can participate, although between 2 and 15 is encouraged.

Awkward Turtle

image 13

Awkward Turtle is an adult party icebreaker game for folks with a coarse sense of humor and a penchant for word games.  It’s designed for small or large gatherings, whether for a Halloween, birthday, or normal party.  The rules are simple: divide into two teams and each team takes turns attempting to predict awkward-looking, sounding, and feeling words from the dictionary as described by a colleague. The game is won by the first team reaches 30 points.  Words ranging from the always cringeworthy “moist” to the obviously embarrassing, such as some nameless anatomical parts, as well as other words that are just difficult or weird to think about, such as “cesspool.”

Poo Pocalypse

image 4

Poo Pocalypse is fun for the whole family. This bowel-busting party game is a hit with children, teenagers, and adults alike! Ideal for immature individuals aged 8 to 88. You’ll laugh (and cry) as you strive to become the Poo King, thanks to 83 humorous and strategic cards. To win, you must be the first to construct a poo pyramid. But watch out for “friends” who will ruin you with garbage attacks!

Disturbed Friends

image 15

Disturbed Friends is a party game designed to discover not just how disturbed your friends are, but also how disturbed they believe you are. You will be confronted with heinous events and unethical conversations that may force you to reconsider your friendships.

Dirty Neighbors

image 5

Dirty Neighbors is a raunchy and hilarious card game for adults. Players take on the role of neighbors trying to one-up each other with increasingly wild and scandalous stories. The game includes a deck of cards with prompts for different types of scenarios, such as “a wild party” or “a steamy affair.” Players must come up with the most outrageous and creative story for each prompt, and the group votes on the winner. The player with the most votes at the end of the game is declared the “dirtiest neighbor.”


image 17

Superfight is a card game where players create and argue for the abilities, powers, and weaknesses of their fictional characters in a fight scenario. The game includes decks of cards representing different characters, abilities, and weaknesses. Each round, players draw a character card and an ability card, then use them to create a unique fighter. Players then take turns making arguments for why their fighter would win in a hypothetical fight against the other players’ fighters. The group then votes on the winner of the fight. The game can be played with a set number of rounds or until a player reaches a certain number of wins. Superfight is a game that encourages creativity, quick thinking, and persuasive arguments, perfect for game night with friends.

Draw What?!

image 18

Draw What!? is a fun and fast-paced card game where players race to draw and guess the word or phrase on the card. The game includes a deck of cards with different words or phrases, and players take turns drawing a card and trying to get their teammates to guess the word or phrase as quickly as possible. The catch is, you can’t use letters, numbers, or symbols in your drawings. The team with the most correctly guessed words or phrases at the end of the game wins. Draw What!? is a perfect game for families and friends, and it is suitable for players of all ages and artistic abilities. It’s a great way to exercise your creativity and have a good laugh while testing your skills of visualization and communication.

There you have it, 16 of them. Now, I know that there are many more out there that are just as bad or worse than those above. So, why don’t you share this post on social media and start an argument with your friends, family, and followers about this list and what should be or shouldn’t be on there. Go on, do it now.