Enemy of Average

Hello there. Welcome to Enemy of Average, probably the greatest shopping blog on the internet.

At Enemy of Average you will find a wide range of gift ideas and things to buy that are a little bit different than what you would normally expect from a shopping blog. I scour the web looking for products that are outrageous, hilarious, unique and maybe a little bit naughty. Due to the unique things I try to find, I don’t update the blog on a daily basis. Plus, I am at Uni, I have a part time job and 2 kids that take up a good portion of my life. Oh, and a wife. Can’t forget about her. However, I will try to update the blog often, so make sure you come back! Also, I have a slightly loose tongue when it comes to my writing, so be prepared for some colorful language on Enemy of Average.

A few points when using this blog:

1. There are no categories on here. Just tags. Use the explore option at the top of the page to have a look around.

2. The search function is also a great tool to use on here. Use it if you are looking for a particular product.

3. The 3 dudes at the top of the page? I have no idea who they are. I found them on a free stock image site and I admired their spirit. They look pretty happy and the dude on the far right became my special mascot. He is cool.

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