Privacy Policy

Welcome to “Enemy of Average” where I prioritize a casual and approachable atmosphere, akin to camaraderie at a backyard gathering. Rest assured, this Privacy Policy is designed to be informative and engaging, reflecting the same standard of quality found in my content.

What’s the Lowdown?

My commitment revolves around transparency and cultivating positive vibes. Here’s a concise overview of the data we collect and the purposes for which we utilize it.

1. Your Details Matter:

When you leave a comment or sign up, the website will grab your name, email, and any other info you’re willing to share. It’s like RSVPing to the coolest party in town – I just need to know you’re all in!

2. Cookies – Not the Snack:

I might slip some cookies into your browser. No, not the chocolate chip kind – these are digital. They help me track what’s hot on Enemy of Average and make your experience even more epic.

3. I hate SPAM:

Comments are like the notes passed in class – I like to filter out the spam so the real messages shine through. The Enemy of Average digital bouncers are on it 24/7.

Sharing is Caring:

I might team up with third-party cats, like Google Analytics, to see what pages are popular. But don’t worry; I’m not selling your secrets – your privacy is my priority.

Your Rights, Mate:

Feel like taking a digital breather? You can ask for your deets, or even tell me to hit the delete button. Just shout, and I will get on it ASAP.

Changes? Sure Thing:

The digital landscape evolves, and so does Enemy of Average. If I tweak this Privacy Policy, I’ll drop you a note. No surprises – just good vibes.


If you’ve got burning questions or just want to say “G’day,” hit me up at the contact page. I am all ears.

Thanks for being part of the Enemy of Average visitor roll! Now, let’s keep this digital journey rolling – together.


PS. If you haven’t worked it out yet, this page was created by AI. I tried to make is Aussie enough to be cringeworthy. How did AI go?