10 New Coffee Table Books You’ll Actually Want to Read

True Facts That Sound Like Bullshit World History 500 Preposterous Facts They Definitely Didnt Teach You in School

True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t: World History: 500 Preposterous Facts They Definitely Didn’t Teach You in School explodes the myth that history is dull. This hilarious book dishes out 500 shockingly true (but seriously unbelievable) facts that were probably left out of your classroom lessons.

Prepare to be amazed as you discover:

  • Why ancient Egyptians used poop as fuel.
  • How a chicken survived for nearly two years without a head.
  • The real reason the Great Wall of China was built.

handyman in your pocket

Handyman in Your Pocket is the best guide for anyone who is planning to renovate their home. Or, they just need some simple tips to those painful jobs done.

lego art of the minifigure

LEGO The Art of the Minifigure is a captivating journey into the world’s most beloved and collectible toy. This comprehensive book delves into the evolution of the minifigure, from its humble beginnings as a yellow brick figure to the global pop culture icon it is today.


Explore the vibrant flavors of Tokyo, a true gastronomic megacity, with Tokyo Cult Recipes. From the delicate art of sushi to the comforting warmth of miso soup, we’ll take you on a journey through 100 iconic dishes.

miles davis and the search for sound

Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound isn’t just a biography; it’s a sonic odyssey. This graphic novel delves into the world of legendary trumpeter Miles Davis, capturing his relentless pursuit of the perfect musical expression. Narrated in his own words, the captivating story follows Davis through four decades of musical innovation.

mother nature is not trying to kill you

Forget Hollywood’s portrayal of nature as a relentless enemy. Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You is your practical guide to navigating the wilderness with confidence. This comprehensive book equips you with essential bushcraft skills, from handling wildlife encounters to mastering firecraft.

Behind the Screens Illustrated Floor Plans and Scenes from the Best TV Shows of All Time

Behind the Screens: Illustrated Floor Plans and Scenes from the Best TV Shows of All Time invites you on a nostalgic journey through the unforgettable sets of your favorite television shows. Learn about the intricate floor plans of iconic sets, allowing you to visualize the layout of Friends’ Central Perk, Seinfeld’s apartment, or the Simpsons’ house.

Toblerone Cookbook 40 Fabulous Baking Treats

Transform the iconic Toblerone chocolate bar into 40 delightful baking treats with The Toblerone Cookbook! This unique and vibrant cookbook celebrates the versatility of this beloved Swiss chocolate, offering a range of recipes perfect for every occasion. Recipes include: Decadent brownies and cookies bursting with honeyed almond flavor, Creamy cheesecakes and mousses infused with the rich chocolatey goodness, Elegant cakes and pastries adorned with the signature Toblerone triangles, and No-cook options like truffles and rocky road, perfect for a quick and easy indulgence.

shitty printers

Love them or hate them, printers are an undeniable part of our lives. Shitty Printers takes a lighthearted look at the often infuriating history of this ubiquitous technology.

Through witty commentary, beautifully photographed examples of “worst offenders,” and sliding-scale ratings for their various quirks, this book explores the trials and tribulations printer users have endured for decades.

how to not get eaten by ewoks

The Force might be with you, but even Jedis need a little know-how! Star Wars: How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills is your ultimate guide to navigating the perils of the Star Wars universe.


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