Random Link Pack – Mar 14, 2024

WOW! It has been a while since I last posted a random link pack. Sorry about that. Hopefully you can forgive me while reading through this link pack. Shall we get started?

Today I learned about Minnesota Sushi. I wish I didn’t.

Eat or Toss? is a handy little website to tell you if something is OK to eat if it looks a little bit “different”.

Seed Paper is the new way to plant seeds.

Hungover? Not sure what to eat to help get rid of that pesky hangover? Vice will sort you out.

5 things you should never do on a plane. As told by a flight attendant.

The most shocking documentaries ever made and why you should see them.

Of course, I want a Millennium Falcon Wireless Fast Charger, don’t you?

Here are the best James Bond cars from the past 60 years. This is my fave.

james bond lotus esprit s1 submarine

Hagerty has discovered what each generation’s favorite car is.

The hilarious new names that movie titles get when promoted overseas.

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