4 Interesting 1960s Concept Cars

The 1950s demonstrated car designer abilities. The 1960s brought a fresh appreciation for what they could do. After the adolescence of creative vehicle design had passed, some of the 1960s concept cars that were produced were some of the best-looking in the car industry’s 100-year history.

Ahhh… the sixties. Also known as the “cultural decade”. We got to meet The Beatles and saw the shooting of JFK. Historians, journalists, and other academics in scholarship and popular culture use the phrase “the Sixties” to refer to a complexity of interconnected cultural and political movements that occurred around the world during this decade. Some use the word to highlight the decade’s counterculture and revolution in societal norms around clothing, music, drugs, dress, sexuality, formalities, and education; others use it to condemn the decade as one of reckless luxury, flamboyance, and the collapse of social order.

Toyota EX-II

1960s concept cars: Toyota EX-II

First introduced at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota EX-II was a two-seater, fully enclosed electric runabout. It came in 3 designs.

The EX-II Type A was built for shopping and quick commuting. The EX-II Type B was more of a golf buggy and used for carrying luggage on private property. And finally, EX-II Type C which was built for leisure and recreational use.

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Pininfarina Model X

1960s concept cars: Pininfarina Model X

The Space Race was in full swing in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Man was staring to the moon, and basic domestic things began to resemble space ships. It was no different with automotive design, and when legendary Italian car design firm and coachbuilder Pininfarina entered the Space Age, the radical consequence was something truly extraordinary.

This 1960s concept cars name was “X,” and was personally spearheaded by Batista “Pinin” Farina and constructed as part of the factory’s scientific research program. A novel body design and an unconventional rhomboid structure for the four wheels produced aerodynamics that allowed for faster top speeds and lower fuel usage. The single front wheel steers the vehicle, while the two side wheels act as outriggers to balance the vehicle and the one rear wheel generates power. The vehicle’s economical 1089cc Fiat engine is positioned in the back.

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El Tiburon Roadster ‘Shark’

1960s concept cars: El Tiburon Roadster 'Shark’

This is the epitome of all the 1960s concept cars. Just look at this thing, it is beautiful. The Shark roadster is a topless version of Henry Covington’s sleek 1961 “El Tiburon” (or Shark) coupe. The Shark’s appearance is definitely odd, but Covington’s efforts resulted in a vehicle that is incredibly complete. The styling is reminiscent of Bertone’s work for Alfa Romeo, or perhaps even Zagato’s work for Abarth. Based on the rear-engine design, you might conclude that the Sharks were powered by a VW Beetle engine. Instead, you will find a Renault engine hidden beneath the fiberglass.

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OSI Silver Fox

You’ve probably never heard of Officine Stampaggi Industriali (OSI) or Bisiluro (Silver Fox). However, the OSI, established by former Ghia President Luigi Segre, was one of Italy’s premier coachbuilders in the 1960s. Like many coachbuilders, they produced low-volume special models for manufacturers like as Innocenti, Ford, and Alfa Romeo, as well as unconventional display cars such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Scarabeo.

The Silver Fox debuted at the Turin Motor Show in 1967, built to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Silver Fox was essentially a wing with wheels, designed with aerodynamics in mind.

As far as 1960s concept cars go, the Silver Fox was impressive. The car could reach 155mph thanks to a 1000cc Renault Alpine 4 cylinder installed in the left pod to offset the weight of the driver in the right pod. 155mph in 1967 was impressive. To compare, the fastest automobile in the world in 1967 was the V12 Lamborghini Muria, which reached 173mph; OSI had worked its magic with aerodynamics rather than brute power.

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There you have it. 4 very interesting 1960s concept cars that are impressive to look at. If you have seen any of the 1960s concept cars that deserve to be on this list, then use the comments section below and tell the world about it!

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