Pop Culture Cookbooks are all the Rage

awesome pop culture cookbooks

For some reason, people are buying pop culture cookbooks. Here are a collection you might want to consider purchasing for your kitchen.

The Official Jurassic Park Cookbook. I guess this one is for when dinosaur steaks are on special at your local supermarket. And, yep. This is the official cookbook for the movie. But, don’t panic, there are plenty of Unofficial Jurassic Park Cookbooks too.

Fans of the game Halo are going to want to grab this Halo cookbook. After all, it has recipes from across the galaxy. It says it on the cover. Recipes from across the galaxy. 🙄

Alright. Stop. When I started this post I was planning to write some sort of clever/witty description for some of the pop culture cookbooks that I found on Amazon (affiliate links below). However, there are so many to write about! And, in all honesty, I am a lazy ass writer. Instead, I am just going to put them in to categories. I don’t think you need my witty commentary for each cookbook. I think you judge for yourself when you click. HAPPY COOKING!


Star Wars // Black Panther // Wonder Woman // Disney Princesses // Hocus Pocus // The Nightmare Before Christmas // Pirates Of The Caribbean // Avatar: The Last Airbender // Deadpool // Alien // Harry Potter // Back to the Future


Fallout // Destiny // Minecraft // Street Fighter // Tomb Raider // World of Warcraft // Overwatch // Final Fantasy


Snoop Dogg // Danny Trejo // Coolio // Tracy Morgan // Shaq // Bob Ross


True Blood // The Simpsons // Bob’s Burgers // The Golden Girls // Friends // Scooby Doo // The Walking Dead // Game of Thrones // Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles // Adventure Time // Peaky Blinders

All done! Now, I am going to keep updating this post as new pop culture cookbooks are added and I don’t want you to miss any updates. So, bookmark it or share this post with your friends and followers

The featured image for this post is a photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash.