Hello and welcome to the first post at the new, Enemy of Average. I called it ‘Birth’ for obvious reasons; this is the first post. I guess I could have called it “New” or “Beginnings”, but doesn’t “Birth” sound more intriguing? More interesting? I think so too. So, let’s kick things off with a link pack. I don’t need to explain a link pack, do I?

Let’s go!

Has Cards Against Humanity become dull, boring, and repetitive? Here are 16 alternatives that you might want to consider.

I just discovered Ponly and I like what I see!

This Twitter thread of business names that are a play on words kept me scrolling for quite some time.

Finding Home: Shelter Dogs & Their Stories is full of wonderful images and even better stories. Throw it on your coffee table.

The Tohst Fire Pit is super-sexy. And, super expensive.

A photographer managed to capture a snap of a wave that looks like a face.

LEGO has released the Home Alone House for you to build. It even comes with Harry & Marv, and the old man from next door.

The perfect t-shirt for book nerds.

And, the perfect throw blanket for puzzle fans.

The 2023 Burning Man calendar is now available.

📸This post’s featured image is by Alex Hockett on Unsplash.