Monday Delight – Volume 1

Every Monday morning, Enemy of Average gives you a list of awesome articles, blog posts and websites to visit to make your Monday morning a little easier. Visit them through the day to cheer yourself up.

Craft Beer Art – The 30 Best Beer Cans in America

No more exercise required – A pill to replace exercising. Awesome.

Mouse Rugs – Dont use a mouse pad, use a rug instead.

Eggscellent – Everything you ever wanted to know about eggs.

Retro Gaming Fix? – will sort you out. Play old school classics online.

Shopping Regret – Their regret makes me smile.

Expensive scissors – All yours for $130. Yeh, they are just a pair of scissors.

Broken Dogs – This is why dogs are the best.


Granny Panties

Buy these for your girl. She will love them.

granny panties


March Madness Summed up in one Photo

march madness in one photo